Specialty Stabilizers

  • PolyPro Performance

    PolyPro Performance (6)

    PolyPro Performance embroidery backing was designed to reduce puckering when embroidering microfiber performance shirts and moisture wicking materials with excessive stretch in the fabric. When using PolyPro, we recommend the following for best results: Hoop or float a piece of Medium Soft Tearaway backing next to the machine table. Do not stretch the garment when hooping and keep hoop level (do not recess inner hoop). PolyPro Performance is a heat-sensitive product. It is recommended that garments hang to dry. If placed in a clothes dryer, use a short time on a cool setting. Ironing is not recommended. If ironing is required, iron on low setting from right side of fabric only.
  • Adhesive Sew 'N Wash

    Adhesive Sew 'N Wash (3)

    Soft, stable mesh designed to dissolve easily in water. Use to embroider on open weave materials or when no stabilizer should remain. Remove the protective paper covering to expose a self-adhesive surface.
  • SAFE Tear

    SAFE Tear (3)

    Medium weight perforated tearaway with a soft feel, making this ideal for children's wear. Flame retardant. Tears easily and cleanly around embroidery.
  • Fuse 'N Stick

    Fuse 'N Stick (3)

    Fuse 'N Stick is a unique double-sided adhesive stabilizer that is ideal for applique. One side has a low-melt adhesive that is activated by using a medium setting on a hand iron, while the other contains pressure sensitive adhesive protected by a paper backing. Eliminates the need for water-activated adhesive stabilizers or spray adhesives.
  • Fuse 'N Tear

    Fuse 'N Tear (3)

    Add firmness to lightweight stable materials with this firm, crisp, fusible tearaway. Apply to the reverse side of fabric with household iron on medium heat setting. Tears neatly around stitching.
  • Fuse So Soft

    Fuse So Soft (3)

    A light weight tricot with a permanent fusible on one side. Light and soft, Fuse So Soft is excellent for quilting when a permanent stabilizer is needed. Also works well on silk and satin. Can be used as backing behind metallic embroidery for a soft feel against the skin. Use a medium to high setting on a household iron or a heat press to activate the fusible.
  • Peel 'N Stick

    Peel 'N Stick (3)

    Peel 'N Stick is an adhesive tearaway stabilizer used for "hoopless" embroidery or to provide additional stabilization of items during the embroidery process. Eliminates the need for water activated adhesive stabilizers or spray adhesives.
  • Print 'N Stitch

    Print 'N Stitch (1)

  • Sew 'N Heat

    Sew 'N Heat (1)

    Sew 'N Heat is a clear stabilizer used for fabrics not conducive to moisture, such as silk or wool. After tearing away excess stabilizer from finished embroidery; the remainder dissolves using a low to medium heat setting on a household iron.
  • Sew 'N Wash

    Sew 'N Wash (3)

    Soft, stable fabric designed to dissolve easily in water. Use as a base to embroider lace or freestanding embroidery.
  • Stable Stuff

    Stable Stuff (1)

  • Tear 'N Wash

    Tear 'N Wash (4)

    Tearaway stabilizer that dissolves in the wash. Simply tear excess stabilizer from finished embroidery. Any remaining residue will dissolve with regular washing. More than one washing may be needed for complete removal. Ideal for towels or linens where the back side of the embroidery is visible.
  • Water Soluble Topping

    Water Soluble Topping (3)