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  • Exquisite Polyester

    Exquisite Polyester (441)

  • Metallic

    Metallic (17)

  • Medley Variegated

    Medley Variegated (17)

    Medley Variegated Polyester embroidery thread by Exquisite combines our premium quality thread with vibrant colors.
  • Fine Line - 60 Weight Polyester

    Fine Line - 60 Weight Polyester (26)

    Fine Line is a thinner version of our high quality Size 40 Exquisite Polyester embroidery thread. use this for fine detail or ultra small lettering such as the popular micro fonts.
  • SnazzyLok Serger Thread

    SnazzyLok Serger Thread (17)

    This innovative thread allows users of any serger brand to add glamour and pizzazz to their creations. The addition of a bit of polyester to colored nylon serger thread gives a metallic appearance, adding glitz and glamour to decorative seams, lettuce edging and more. SnazzyLok gives serging enthusiasts of any skill level a new tool to add interest and variety to projects of all kinds. Available in 15 distinct colors on 1,000 meter spools.