Fine Line - 60 Weight Polyester

Fine Line is a thinner version of our high quality Size 40 Exquisite Polyester embroidery thread. use this for fine detail or ultra small lettering such as the popular micro fonts.

  • Fine Line-Display Rack

    Fine Line-Display Rack (1)

    Fine Line Display Rack
  • Fine Line-Thread Kit

    Fine Line-Thread Kit (1)

    Fine Line Thread Kit Boxed Set of 15 Colors on 1500 Meter Spools
  • Fine Line - 1500 Meters

    Fine Line - 1500 Meters (15)

    Introducing Fine Line by Exquisite! Exquisite Fine Line 60 Weight Polyester Thread is a super-lightweight thread designed to eliminate bulk and create crisp details with clear, readable text. Great for embroidered text 1/4 inch or less in height. Enjoy the same high quality stitching results as our 40 weight polyester, but with the versatility to embroider small design elements. Available in 15 unique variations.
  • Fine Line - 5000 Meters

    Fine Line - 5000 Meters (15)